Monday, March 31, 2008

Summary of Meeting 19.03.08

This was our first meeting since the reading at Amerika Haus and three writers were present: Jim, Mu and Andy. Despite just three, the topics still managed to vary, from ‘Stream of consciousness' to 'bio-chemistry' and love. Yes! We even got on to love.

The first of these, Jim’s poem, compared people and life events to disparate elements, such as leaves drifting along a stream, while Andy’s excerpt from the short story “Clockwatcher” centred around a New Years Eve spent pining for a lost love. The three poems Mu read approached varied themes: one, ‘Exciting Memories,’ was on a research survey in the delta region of Burma, (her home country), while another was titled “Belief”. The third, ‘Bio-Chemistry,’ emphasised that biological rhymes are the symphony of chemicals, genes, life, environment and energy.

The next meeting will be on the 1st of April.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An International Writers' Group

The reading on the 6th of March demonstrated how international our group has become, with readers from such different parts of the world as USA, Egypt, India, Scotland, Australia, Burma, Canada...
It also demonstrates what a diverse language the English language is. Indeed no English member of Munich Writers was present, (although we do have some, and you know who you are, and we missed you). Thankfully Richard Toovey of Bordercrossing (see link on the right) was there to represent England.
Thanks again to him and Cecile Rossant (see link on the right) for coming all the way to Munich.
And as soon as we have some photos, I'll put them up.

Search for "Sun-by" on Toytown here to find out how one very busy lady found the evening:

To see a video of Maie Daader reading, click here or follow her link on our blogroll.

Best Regards

Munich Writers.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Munich Writers Reading in Amerika Haus

The last Munich Writers reading in Amerika Haus, Karolinenplatz, Munich, took place on Thursday 06.03.08.
We were particularly happy to welcome Cecile Rossant and Richard Toovey as guest readers from Bordercrossing Berlin. More later.