Monday, May 26, 2008

Munich Writers' Meeting 21. May 2008

We have just discovered that writers, at least at MW, are migratory in summer. Necessary arrangements have been made and now we will have a precious monthly confluence instead of our usual couple of Wednesdays fizgigs.

Last Wednesday finger counted four writers.

1. Blair 2. Mu 3. Samantha 4. Swar

Discussion on writing styles led to a digression on writing processes and the four had a vague agreement that each process reveals the life behind and around the writer. And this reminds us of the recently concluded PEN World Voices Festival. This year's theme was Public Lives/Private Lives.

"How do we draw a line between our private and public selves? When must we tell private stories for the public good? Do we need to redefine the meaning of public and private in the 21st century?"

Photo courtesy: Words without Borders, where their MAY issue examines the same PEN theme.


Aye Mu said...
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Aye Mu said...

May I express my opinion regarding writing about public life or private life? I believe that every human has own character, own way and own thoughts. If you are a writer, you just have to express your own idea in your way honestly. If you used to think and analyze the general changes and actions and related philosophy, and you would like to mention it in general view that is your way. If you are very good in expressing about your own action, own thought as your own image, you have the freedom to follow your way too. The readers will read and choose what they like and they would choose how they would like to go. Write in a way how you feel honestly in a positive way that you would like to give the positive energy to the society, your writing will always mean something to the society. You need to change neither yourself nor the other but should accept each existence with respect. In discussions, constructive criticisms are always essential. As a human being, in my opinion, it is important to think and realize what the meaning of your existence is to the society.

Mai Daader said...

Wow... Mu, i´m impressed by your opinion really !

Miss you all Munich writers, looking forward to attend the comming meetings.

Michael B said...

Jun 10 2008, 7:00 PM

This is a meet-up in a small biergarten for all those artists, writers, poets, musicians, chefs, designers, photographers, scrap bookers, and anyone else who has a creative deisre or a longing to reconnect with a creative endeavor or passion. We are hoping to form a regular group for encouragement and sharing. This is a small biergarten so no problem in finding us! Also the biergarten is <1 minute from Scheidplatz Ubahn stop!

Taverne Athen‎ -
Belgradstr. 105, 80804 M√ľnchen, Germany - 089 3083936

Please Let us know you are coming - or if you want to come in the future!