Saturday, August 20, 2011

Munich Writers up and running again

It's the middle of August and here in Munich things are starting to look up for English language literary readings. Even if the Slams have gone into summer hibernation. Antislam is maintaining its ground and Munich Writers is alive and kicking again.Even if we don't want to believe it at the moment, the time will come again, we will be glad to be indoors listening to stories of summers gone past, told directly from the mouths of the authors.

I thought therefore, you might want an overview of the English speaking literary events and groups available in Munich, so you won't be wandering around pressing your nose against windows looking for us.

I am glad to say that the English-speaking literary scene appears to have grown over the past year or so. Of course it is better if a variety of different things are on offer. And anybody who cannot find what it is they are looking for is encouraged to start their own events. The Antislam has only been up and running for about six months now, but it's success is in line with its ambitions. “Klein aber fein” as Germans care to say.

You can read the rest of this article at "The Munich Writer" blog, which I have set up as an open blog to which people may wish to contribute news or criticism of literary events they have either taken part in or visited in Munich or the surrounding area.

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