Sunday, March 4, 2012

Joe's Exhibition and Joseph Danaghie Reading

11th March 2012

Sunday 11th March
Café Käthe,
Gebsattelstrasse 134.
Bus 152 or Tram 15 or 25. Get out at Regerplatz.

Reading at around 19:00. But you can come and see Joe’s pictures at 17:00 already.

This will be Joe‘s first exhibition in 7 years and possibly the last one ever.
Details on

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Munich Writers up and running again

It's the middle of August and here in Munich things are starting to look up for English language literary readings. Even if the Slams have gone into summer hibernation. Antislam is maintaining its ground and Munich Writers is alive and kicking again.Even if we don't want to believe it at the moment, the time will come again, we will be glad to be indoors listening to stories of summers gone past, told directly from the mouths of the authors.

I thought therefore, you might want an overview of the English speaking literary events and groups available in Munich, so you won't be wandering around pressing your nose against windows looking for us.

I am glad to say that the English-speaking literary scene appears to have grown over the past year or so. Of course it is better if a variety of different things are on offer. And anybody who cannot find what it is they are looking for is encouraged to start their own events. The Antislam has only been up and running for about six months now, but it's success is in line with its ambitions. “Klein aber fein” as Germans care to say.

You can read the rest of this article at "The Munich Writer" blog, which I have set up as an open blog to which people may wish to contribute news or criticism of literary events they have either taken part in or visited in Munich or the surrounding area.

If you would like to contribute articles to The blog "
The Munich Writer", simply send e-mail to Joseph Danaghie (that's me) via his blog and he'll send you a user invitation.
And also if you have English-speaking literary events going on in Munich that we have not heard of, please let us know and we will gladly link to you.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Munich Writers is back

Update: May 14 2011.

We have started again and will be meeting on 6th Sept 2011.
If you would like to come along, please contact us at the email address on the right.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Reading: Joseph Danaghie, A psychosexual Symphony

25th November, in Munich at 20:00
Bookshop: Sinnundsinnlichkeit
Auenstrasse 2
Fraunhoferstrasse U-Bahn

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Munich Writers Meeting Sept 17th 2008

Munich Writers Meeting Sept 17th 2008
Tonight there were four of us present. Ross, Jennifer, Mu and Blair. Ross read a new piece of his about Rumford. Compact, yet filled with lots of history; it was enjoyed by all. Jennifer presented chapter 2 of Upper Bronx which further developed her story leading to many new possibilites. Mu read three stirring poems which dealt with life, her Mother's picture and one of her cousins. Blair read some new short quirky poems which he wrote over the summer.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Munich Writers' Meeting 18. June 2008

We were four + 1.
Members that is + visitor.

Samantha, Andy, Joseph, Jennifer + Martin, who found shelter with us, having been left inside in the cold but we won't go into that too much. (Don't worry Martin!)

Maybe it was the position of the moon.
Or maybe it had something to do with the subjects of the pieces.
Andy's slant on lost love; something to wish for, certainly knocked me off balance. How many ways are there to wish for someone back? Andy invented one more......
Samantha read an intricately woven piece on the social dynamics of a family that, while having it too good in some ways, was overshadowed by family history, and inner impoverishment.
Joseph read a chapter from his almost finished novel, which also had a lot to do with wishing.
And Jennifer's piece took us into the criminal milieu of the New York Bronx of the future.

After that we retreated to a Molly Malone's and broke bread together.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Munich Writers' Meeting 21. May 2008

We have just discovered that writers, at least at MW, are migratory in summer. Necessary arrangements have been made and now we will have a precious monthly confluence instead of our usual couple of Wednesdays fizgigs.

Last Wednesday finger counted four writers.

1. Blair 2. Mu 3. Samantha 4. Swar

Discussion on writing styles led to a digression on writing processes and the four had a vague agreement that each process reveals the life behind and around the writer. And this reminds us of the recently concluded PEN World Voices Festival. This year's theme was Public Lives/Private Lives.

"How do we draw a line between our private and public selves? When must we tell private stories for the public good? Do we need to redefine the meaning of public and private in the 21st century?"

Photo courtesy: Words without Borders, where their MAY issue examines the same PEN theme.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Munich Writers' Meeting 16. April 2008

Blair read a series of subconsciously poignant poems including: Journey, Travel, Scenery, Performer and Home.
He’s getting ready to take “The Parting,” Entity’s entry to the FEATS (Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies) 2008 one-act competition, to Stockholm, 9-12 May. Break a leg Entity!

A text about a couple inadvertently masquerading at a posh charity event was Jim’s submission. Jennifer presented two satirical parodies about love and food. Clint read from a chapter of his latest psychological thriller, The Seven Rituals.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The most recent meeting of Munich Writers was on Wednesday 2nd April. Blair Gaulton, Joseph Danaghie, Jim Martin, Andy Elrick and a prospective new member were in attendance.

Blair began by reading some of his poetry including two longer pieces entitled "Stereo's Commentary on Life" and "Picture Frame" Both of which represented departures from Blair's other work.
The new member then read a science fiction piece.
Jim then read "An Easter Message: It's Good to be Alive" which purposely leads the reader to believe that it is the story of a man undergoing heart surgery at a local hospital but reveals towards the end that he was simply on a tour of the facility.
Andy Elrick followed with an unfinished and untitled piece drawing on his experiences living as an ex-patriot in Germany and the absurdity of certain situations he has found himself in. Positive feedback from fellow Munich writers led to a promise to work on it further which will, hopefully, be kept.
Joseph finished up with an excerpt from his book, which he wishes to finish by August this year.

At this point the members repaired to a local watering hole. The next meeting will be held on 16th April at 6:30 pm.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Summary of Meeting 19.03.08

This was our first meeting since the reading at Amerika Haus and three writers were present: Jim, Mu and Andy. Despite just three, the topics still managed to vary, from ‘Stream of consciousness' to 'bio-chemistry' and love. Yes! We even got on to love.

The first of these, Jim’s poem, compared people and life events to disparate elements, such as leaves drifting along a stream, while Andy’s excerpt from the short story “Clockwatcher” centred around a New Years Eve spent pining for a lost love. The three poems Mu read approached varied themes: one, ‘Exciting Memories,’ was on a research survey in the delta region of Burma, (her home country), while another was titled “Belief”. The third, ‘Bio-Chemistry,’ emphasised that biological rhymes are the symphony of chemicals, genes, life, environment and energy.

The next meeting will be on the 1st of April.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An International Writers' Group

The reading on the 6th of March demonstrated how international our group has become, with readers from such different parts of the world as USA, Egypt, India, Scotland, Australia, Burma, Canada...
It also demonstrates what a diverse language the English language is. Indeed no English member of Munich Writers was present, (although we do have some, and you know who you are, and we missed you). Thankfully Richard Toovey of Bordercrossing (see link on the right) was there to represent England.
Thanks again to him and Cecile Rossant (see link on the right) for coming all the way to Munich.
And as soon as we have some photos, I'll put them up.

Search for "Sun-by" on Toytown here to find out how one very busy lady found the evening:

To see a video of Maie Daader reading, click here or follow her link on our blogroll.

Best Regards

Munich Writers.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Munich Writers Reading in Amerika Haus

The last Munich Writers reading in Amerika Haus, Karolinenplatz, Munich, took place on Thursday 06.03.08.
We were particularly happy to welcome Cecile Rossant and Richard Toovey as guest readers from Bordercrossing Berlin. More later.